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Imagine the surprise of the taxpaying citizen that found an armed paramilitary-like figure standing at his door requesting to 'Inspect' the renovation that had be reported to city hall?

That prompted the taxpaying citizen to call the 'Winners Circle' to make a report of his own!

Why would the municipality of St. Catharines send out a ‘Bylaws Inspection Officer’ dressed like a brown shirt paramilitary, complete with dark pants tucked into jack-boots, police style telescoping metal baton and pepper gas hanging from his waist belt?

Who concluded that the taxpaying citizen has become an enemy to the City Regime or that the taxpaying citizen must be subdued by a show of armed force?

Does this action suggest a lack of confidence in Police department?

How often has taxpaying citizens harmed a ‘Bylaws Enforcement Officer’ or even threatened to do so?

What is the mindset of such a decision maker?

Can such a decision maker be trusted?

Is it not strange that a Regime can show such malevolent force against its taxpaying citizens, while wilting like a late summer rose when facing destructive and dangerous vandals, drunks, and hoodlums?