The Burlington Option
Burlington can't even show graffiti on construction barricades
Burlington seems devoid of hoodlums, druggies, hookers & pimps
Burlington's Decorative Benches don't know how to walk!
Two Hour Free Parking in Six Parking Lots
At a lost of a quarter of a $million this is what our council rejected on James Street in favour of a charity that could have been located anywhere else!
From $millions in property tax to zero!
Burlington Builds a seven story parking garage!
Even with the highest commercial and residential tax, we can't afford to repair ours!
16 projects measure progress in their downtown!
Want to see progress in St. Catharines? Click here!
Another two hour
free parking lot
More Smart Growth?
Questions to Councilor Wallace ran the gamut from pay scale & pensions to expense accounts, tax exemption and how the Burlington experience affected the council
There appeared to be little concern regarding the affect the Burlington experience might have on the St. Catharines' Citizen!
Within minutes Councilor Wallace was saying everything that our councilors didn’t like. In point form, here are some of the things Councilor Wallace told us...
1.  Cut the number of Councilors to one (1) full time for each of 6 wards…

2.  Full time councilors have proven to reduce conflicts…

3.  With only 6 full time councilors, slackers become obvious…

4.  Council works well with 3 full time assistants…

5.  Full time councilors are more in tune with their ward and city…

6.  Councilors have a more professional relationship with staff…

7.  Councilors sit on both city & regional councils…

8.  Sitting on both councils advances continuum & comprehension…

9.  Region pays the regional portion of the full time-fully taxed salary…

10. Held budget to 0% increase for 9 consecutive years,
                                                                                  including police!
What Scared our councillors the most?
Could it be that the fear of revelation concerning their ability, accountability, fidelity, vitality, and effectiveness?
With the taxpayer maxed out and the city entering a death spiral, its easy to jump to the conclusion that fear of revelation could well be the reason that our council wishes to hide behind numbers.
Should the question be about the fear of losing the one thing that our 18 councillors cherish most above all others, including the citizenry, their seat on council?
Is the best excuse our council can come up with is that they are concerned the Burlington Option would cost our taxpayers too much and drive our budget even higher?
Is it time to examine our council's prime excuse for sticking to the status quo or as close to the status quo as possible?

12 City Councillors (2004)  $204,456.00
6 City Councillors on Region @ over @ $28K     $168,186.00                                                                             $372,642.00

6 full time councillors @ $70,000.00   $420,000.00
3 full time secretary assistants @ $40,000.00      $120,000.00

Less the Regional Portion    $168,186.00
  Approximate Total   $372,000.00

Cost difference approximately           Gain           ($642.00)

Less the tax free portion ($124,000.00) of current 18 councillors?

Our council wants us to believe that they have our best interests at heart, while they deliver tax levels that dwarf almost any difference in cost for an effective council!
At double our cost for our present council it would no doubt prove to be a cost saving investment to replace what we have in favour of a more effective council!
In order for the administration to cut the proposed 2005 budget to 6% (5% in regime wages) it will once again cut millions from amenities and services for the citizen!
A real full time council of the calibre that Burlington enjoys would have no difficulty in saving the hapless taxpayer far more than their total cost, while delivering more amenities & services!
Our councillors say they want proof that change is worth considering! This website proves that proof is all around them! What they want is proof that they can save their council seats!
Holly Cow!
What is the Burlington option? This moniker appeared as a way of indicating the political structure of the City of Burlington, Ontario in comparison to several other options being considered by the 2005 council of the City of St. Catharines Ontario.
It soon became apparent that the options boiled down to either the Burlington Option or staying with the status quo!
If pressured, there is a great possibility that that the council will opt for any scheme that retains the most council seats possible.
But why were the preponderance of our 18 St. Catharines’ councilors so strongly opposed to the Burlington option?
February 24, 2005: As a courtesy, on his own time, Burlington Councilor Mike Wallace spent nearly two hours explaining the phenomenally successful changes to the way Burlington is governed.
To be Continued...
Look Ma! No Graffitti...
Look Ma!   No Graffitti...
Look Ma!          No Graffitti...
June 6, 2005   Burlington Revisited...
Still NO Graffiti!!!
Six {6} Parking lots - Two hour FreeParking
What a novel idea!
1st floor of Burlington Parking Garage for customers only - Not municipal workers!