Child Welfare Fraud

Who were the individuals who vowed to stamp out child poverty by the year 2000? What happened to our provincial and federal leaders’ 1989 vow? Why did it only take 10 years for them fail so miserably? Was it because the problem was more than they could handle? How much effort did they expend only to wind up with a 100% increase in Child poverty? Surely these staunch champions of children were not merely participating in self-serving hyperbole?

But then, why are we asking these ridiculous questions? Of course they where and still are spinning hyperbole! At the very same time that they puff out these mountains of bovine waste, they are perpetually instigating the means of crushing the family unit into further financial degradation and poverty by heaping on the cost of an ever-expanding bumblecracy and by downloading taxation.

The names and faces may change, but their rhetoric never changes. They shield themselves and their cancerous intent behind the tattered skirts of little girls. They point to the conduct and situation of little boys only as a smokescreen for their greed for material gain, corrupt power, and bumblecratic empire building.

Who are they? You already know who they are! You can identify them the moment they speak. They cunningly cry out their contemptuous and treacherous patter, wickedly extolling their mock concern for the plight of children. You will observe that their invidious diatribe will invariably lead to a requisition for an ever increasing bumblecracy, greater power, and more money: money to be extorted from the pockets of the parents of the children they feign anxiety over.

What are they really involved in? What are they really concerned about? What are they really doing to alleviate child poverty?

Are they concerned about the many thousands of family businesses that were shown no mercy or patience during the harsh economic climates of recent years? Do they care about the thousands upon thousands of family businesses that would have survived and prospered, giving employment to hundreds of thousands of parents? The deceptive excuses given for destroying a giant portion of our Canadian society were insidiously lacking during the colossal Korean bailout. Korea received a timely infusion of tens of billions of dollars and the patient postponement of tens of billions of dollars more in loans necessitated to save the hides of industrial privateers and their willing political and banking accomplices.

Could it be that we've got these people all wrong? Could it be that they were only attempting to save Korean children from poverty? We think not!

Are they concerned about the level of property taxes and other obscenely convoluted taxes that have effectively pushed many of our poverty-stricken children's families, and the working poor, below the poverty line?

Are they concerned that it is no longer financially viable for many parents of poverty-stricken children to come off welfare, due specifically to taxation and Empire Building?

Canadians, like most intelligent peoples, have the natural ability to prosper and build without the debilitating need for ignominious handouts. Handouts, welfare, and food-banks are the manifestation of the growth of bumblecracy. We told you in 'Praetorian, the enemy within' that the bumblecrats would simply move the benchmark of the property line to camouflage their failure. As we near 25% of the Canadian workforce receiving the country's highest incomes directly from the tax base, we can claim with inane pride the same “successes” as other failing socialist countries.

Canada is failing predicated primarily on the convolution of our tax code desired by power-hungry greed and empire building bumblecrats. Those not believing that Canada is failing should turn their gaze from our success in millionaires to our success in growing poverty. On which priority should Canada be judged?

Niagara residents living in poverty 14%   Families living in poverty 12.7%
Children living in poverty 15.6% Families living on less than $20,000 15%
Population paying more than 30% on rent 45.6%

There is some meager satisfaction in witnessing these same megalomaniacs twist in agony as they fight among themselves over the remaining tax crumbs, now that they have finally viewed the impending end of “tax and spend.” If the middle class were not simply running out of money, with which to pay more taxes, this child welfare fraud would be milked eternally!
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