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St. Catharines
St. Catharines
to See our Beautiful Tree Lights - Both of Them!
Welcome to...
The Garden City of St. Catharines
It's the middle of December and Santa is on his way
Citizens refuse to ignore their Neglected Environment:

Kudos to Maria and Archie for keeping the tree lights lit in front of their charming and obviously upscale shop.

A BIG applause to Archie, who single handedly, at the request of Maria, replaced all of the burnt out St. Paul St. bulbs starting from the Ontario St. intersection all the way down to Queen St. {to hell with the rest of the street}

Fifty Thousand Watts 24/7 added to our Green Footprint!
Couple expels the ‘grinch of gloom’ from their part of downtown.
King Street looking West
Season's Greetings
Ontario Street looking North
Season's Greetings
Season's Greetings
St. Paul St.looking East
Front Street looking South
Season's Greetings
Main Street looking East
Season's Greetings
Archie up a Tree
...Sadly, these squandering Lords and Ladies ignore our historic, and in some cases, achitecturally interesting downtown to such an extent that they no longer recognize the fact that our decorative lights, strung by the thousands, have all but gone out.
The situation begs the questions: would these Lords and Ladies notice if our entire Main Street went black... at an expense of $20,000.00?

Obviously none of those we pay to notice, have noticed!
Would they even care or more importantly would they then do something? Anything?
Would we then find anyone to champion the agonizing situation of our downtown, especially from the eternal know-it-alls that find more satisfaction in besmirching those who would try?
Is this not the same regime complaining about coming in 27th out of 27 cities for greening?
According to the St. Catharines Downtown Association's 2004 budget
of $368,983.00, there is a total of $56,580.00 allotted for Christmas.
$3,000 for decorative tree-lights

$19,580.00 for Christmas Decor

$34,000.00 for "Christmas"

Add in $20,000.00 to burn the decorative tree-lights 24 hours per day-7 days per week- 365 days per year

Perhaps the DTA's Board members or our city councilors could explain!