Councillor Cameron Donevan
Councillor Susan Erskine
Councillor Charles Gervais
Councillor Sheila Morra

Councillor Carol Disher
Councillor Dawn Dodge
Councillor Brian Dorsey
Councillor Joseph Kushner
How our City Councillors voted on the Governance Task Force motion to establish a Citizen's committee for public opinion on Governance Issues.
Our St. Catharines City Council Advertised on the city page and their web site informing the citizens of two upcoming meetings. These meetings were held for the purpose of getting the opinion of the general public on certain prescribed governance issues. The approximately forty-five attendees at these two meetings was a rather skimpy showing although the opinions were interesting.
The majority of our councilors concluded that since their ‘well publicized’ meetings were so poorly attended, it indicated how little the public cared about governance issues, decisions of council, or how our city is being run. Based on their assumptions they voted against allowing public input from a citizen's committee.
Could our City Council’s assumption be correct? Could it be true that our citizens don’t care how the City of St. Catharines is being run?

Councillor Peter Secord Councillor Jennifer Stevens
Councillor Greg Washuta
Councillor Bruce Williamson
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