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Its one thing to abandon the downtown core of our city to the ravages of everthing not wanted in the noble wards of noble people, its another thing to have the unwanted savagely ravaging areas outside of the downtown core.

Click here for a peek at our ravaged Downtown

200 meters of graffiti punched home the fact that the City of St. Catharines is in the savage grip of carefully-crafted individuals who learned that it is no longer neccessary to show respect for anyone or anything.   

Shock and awe forced panic among our political leadership to the extent that they pledged tens of thousands of dollars, wildly suggesting that they should hire two more public employees. One to help clean up the mess created by vandals, while the other would man a hot-line for tip-offs.

Cooler heads prevailed and soon our political leaders returned to their normal complaining that 'their' city should not be labeled as 'the garbage city' since most of the garbage is either downtown or on the outskirts surrounding St. Catharines.

After all, they claim, there is nothing they can do!