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Impediments to Prosperity

Does our current wisdom fly in the face of historic evidence?

What about the unintended consequences of our current practice of overburdening wealth creating commerce with nearly, if not virtually, every impediment ever devised?

What about the current practice of making excuses instead of cleaning up the unnecessary man-made ‘impediments of expedience and greed’ that are, so evidently, overwhelming the engine of our economy!

Taken individually, these impediments are passed off as mere anecdotal nuisances, but taken collectively they should, advisedly, be considered as a systemic liability.

There is ample evidence that man-made impediments to society’s prosperity are producing an exponential deterioration of our commerce’s ability to fund our economy. We have spent decades piling on burdensome impediments that deprive us of the most precious attributes of entrepreneurial enterprises, which are: time, energy and attention.

The consequence of diverting time, energy and attention from the very entrepreneurial enterprises that so desperately need every minute to apply all of its energy to imaginative attention, now demanded in this highly competitive world, is exactly what we are now witnessing.

Our government’s attempt at reducing red tape is the first small step toward recognizing the crisis of impediments. Impediments have become so deeply ingrained into our commerce that few people identify with the issue.

Impediments that are sapping time, energy and imaginative attention from our business community, cannot and will not be replaced with any amount of futile funding! Taxpayer funding is proof of failure and indicates that commerce is in reverse.

Feeble and failed attempts to buy prosperity are just that… feeble!

An overabundance of so-called ‘not-for-profit’ and semi-secret organizations articulate difficulty in finding appropriate entrepreneurs to throw money at!

We are floundering about like headless chickens trying to entice new commerce, or to attract business from elsewhere, to wade into our toxic pool of impediments!

Historic evidence clearly indicates that if we fail or refuse to eliminate, or at least greatly reduce, impediments to commerce, which is the only engine that drives our economy to prosperity, our ineffective peripheral attempts to grow entrepreneurial enterprise will also fail.
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