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In our Standard of September 12, 2007, Page A4 there is a disturbing little article with the heading ‘Time to get tough with property bylaw breakers, councillors say’.

The article goes on to layout our city bureaucracy’s lack of patience with what they claim is approximately 40 tardy property owners, {Tax Payers} who do not or cannot comply with our city bureaucrat’s demands in a timely fashion! Instead of going after these tax paying criminals through regular legal action, our city’s administration has given itself the power to simply add to the taxpayer’s tax burden a $100 fine for every additional trip our armed officials must return to the ‘danger’ zone.

Our city plans to add to our tax burden with two more armed staff at an additional cost of over $130,000.00  {$3,500.00 per tardy taxpayer} to help speed up and enforce their desired $100 collections.

Hopefully this issue of misguided impatience is the result of simple frustration and not just another opportunity to pad their budget.

Surely this supposed frustration was not born from 40 tardy property owners, but from the fact that they are unable or unwilling to tackle what amounts to be, undeniably dangerous and costly illegal activities plaguing our city. Instead of protecting our taxpaying citizens from a myriad of harmful and costly affronts our leaders prefer to threaten, with armed bylaws officers, the very vulnerable taxpayers they were hired or elected to protect.

Our councillors talk bravely about a ‘zero tolerant approach’ when it comes to their belligerent exercise of armed power over the hapless taxpayer, yet glaringly omit mention of enforcing a zero tolerant approach to real and costly problems like illegal garbage dumping, crime, vandalism, graffiti, drugs, prostitution, assault, or even the lack of safety or perceived lack of safety on our downtown streets.

Our leaders are willing to financially abuse defenseless taxpaying victims but what are they going to do about real perpetrators?

Their frustration is understandable, but the target of their impatience is not!

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