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On the first day of our Store Front Poster Campaign, one of those feeling our pressure stated that: "we know what you are trying to do and it won't work"!

Addiction to failure is the same as any other. Addiction to alcohol cannot be cured until the drunk comes to realize that he is a drunk...

Mission Statement: Municipal

Based on the philosophy that people will only do what is in their best interest to do and only if they have to do it, we are attempting to put as much pressure as possible, by shining the spotlight of information on the St. Catharines municipal government.

We're trying to force our municipal government into listening to the plaintive cries of the taxpaying downtown residents, the taxpaying downtown merchants, the taxpaying downtown property owners-taxpayers from a broad spectrum of St. Catharines Citizens-and even a long list of concerned taxpaying municipal employees.

Taxpayers must be protected and respected because they pay the bills!

We are only asking our municipal government to do what they are hired and elected to do.

We want them to enforce our bylaws to make our streets safer.

We want them to address parking.

We want them to address taxation.

We want them to cut waste.

We would like to have two-way traffic.

We would like to have everybody on side to make our downtown better.

Our goal is a better downtown for everybody.