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Cities, such as Burlington, Ontario understand the financial benefit in providing some free parking
The City allows commercial vehicles to park as they please knowing the immediate consequence if commercial vehicles were financial abused in the same shabby way they treat the average individual motorist.
Vehicles must have access to supply commerce
Vehicles are often forced into impossible situations
Vehicles are often forced to block driving lanes
To avoid blocking driving lanes Vehicles park on sidewalks
Vehicles often block fire hydrants
Some vehicles often block both driving lanes
'Penney Wise - Pound Foolish: {Penney Wise-Dollar Foolish}

The perception of the City St. Catharines, Ontario Canada is that it has become ‘Penney Wise – Pound Foolish’. The growing ‘Penney Wise – Pound Foolish’ perception is shared by many among the general public, as well as, Commerce.
Parking is perhaps the most visible example of the ‘Penney Wise – Pound Foolish’ character of our city’s administration.
The city has unused, publicly owned, property that could and should be offered for visitor and shopper’s parking. This can be done with no financial loss to the city.
Short-term {30min.} spaces could and should be strategically installed for those times of short-term need.
Why does St. Catharines appear to be the only city to deliberately choke off free and friendly public parking in its downtown core? Is the reason purely financial? Is this the leading indicator that the title ‘Penney Wise – Pound Foolish’ actually does apply?
How does a city acquire a perception of ‘Penney Wise – Pound Foolish’? Could it come from a penchant for sly schemes to separate commerce and individuals from their money? In the case of ‘Parking’!
The city treasurer has his parking bylaws officers handing out highly questionable and all to often licentious and costly parking citations predicated on the concept that most people will be forced to pay rather than go to court.
If the motorist calls City Hall to explain a situation they are curtly told to pay the fine or go to court. What is the excuse for their conduct? They proffer a two pronged explanation. One excuse is that they are concerned for the flow and use of the available parking spaces. The other is predicated on an ill perceived financial benefit to the city.
The current conduct of those managing our unnecessary and sad downtown parking situation is abominable.
Financially abusing commerce and individuals is no way to grow a vibrant and financially successful downtown.
What the City of St. Catharines urgently needs is a municipal government that is far less confrontational to the Tax-Payer, Commerce, Tangents, Land Owners,and Industry.
We need a city that is open for business, helpful to business, caring for downtown commerce, tenants, and individuals.
Our City is in dire need of energetic leaders that are more interested in the financial health and welfare of the City and its citizens than they are with their municipal government's financial health and welfare. The conduct of our municipal regime will inevitably guaranty the success of neither!

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