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Police Payola?

Did St. Catharine’s taxpayer’s really pay an extra $40,000 in 2007 {Now surpassing $100,000} to get the Niagara Regional Police to do exactly what they are already paid $Hundreds of Millions of Dollars to do?

Did this additional money get extra police presence for only five hours per day during the benign hours of 11:00AM to 4:00PM and only through the summer months?

When did it become morally acceptable to pay EXTRA cash incentives {Sometimes known as Payola} to the NRP in exchange for what should be an obligatory police service? During this same period did the very same leaders of the NRP squirrel away $Millions of dollars for the sole purpose of ‘Empire Building’?

At what point, since the St. Catharine’s Police Department was rolled into the consolidation of the regional police forces under the banner of Niagara Regional Police, did the patrolling of our downtown core business areas become a ‘fee for service-per event’ situation?

Has anyone taken into account that the 'Cash for Cops' program has produced improvement, which only proves that the NRP already had enough resources to do the job?

Is it not a disgrace that the NRP was failing us based on the lack of an EXTRA relative pittance of $40K? Is it not a disgrace that some think it is normal and morally acceptable to reward any potential foot-dragging or dereliction of duty? Is it not an even greater disgrace to participate in a payola bribe for what already is a fully funded service? Obviously the management of our Niagara Regional Police Force have gone on far too long without appropriate oversight!

When brought to their attention there are folks who express their appreciation for whatever improvements emerge but react negatively at the necessity for extra cost.

Is it just a matter of Money? Whose money? Is our Regional Government not already paying enough?

Who should answer for this disgrace? Who is responsible for bringing this dishonour to our Police force?

Who is in charge, the NRP hierarchy or our Regional Government?