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Policy of failure

Ever wonder why we find unexplained differences from one community to another? You know, differences between cities, towns, villages, counties, regions, provinces, states, and countries!

What would account for these differences? One would have to assume that part of the reason for differences in some communities is based on geographic location, weather patterns, etc. That could account for many of the variances between communities, but certainly not all.

That leaves us in a quandary, especially when examining communities with large variances and few, if any, differences in geographic location, weather patterns, etc.

With most things being somewhat equal, as in the case of the communities common around the “Golden Horseshoe” of Ontario, one must deduce that either there is a difference in leadership or that some of the more successful of these communities have the “Golden Horseshoe” conveniently stuck up their proverbial behind!

In the absence of unexpected and tragic circumstance, it should be concluded that those similar communities that seem to forever lag behind, are indeed suffering from an inferior leadership that creates inferior policies.

The first manifestation of trouble is visual, as in commercial vacancies created by policy failure.Click here for visual example

The second manifestation is shabby appearance, excess graffiti, criminal activity, and vandalism. Click here for visual example

The third manifestation of trouble is financial as in financial abuse of the citizen in order to conceal inadequate leadership and their inherit policy failures. Click here for example

An excellent comparison of discrepancies between communities is the City of St. Catharines as it relates to other cities surrounding the “Golden Horseshoe” of Ontario.
Click here for example comparison.

Under pressure from Concerned Citizens and Concerned Citizens groups regarding the deterioration of our city, the council and mayor took a brief look at the successes of the City of Burlington. On the slightest chance that any of 18  St. Catharines Councilors (6 reps for the city on Regional Council) could be reduced to 6 councilors as in Burlington, our leaders abruptly turned down the ‘Burlington Option’ on a vote of 8 to 5 (now known as the ‘arrogant eight’).

Obviously success for the City of St. Catharines takes a back seat to our politicians holding on to their seat.
For information on the ‘Burlington Option’ Click here…