...Now for the Rest of the Story
The local media thinks that City Hall and the suffering downtown businesses should stop butting heads and instead start working together to solve the downtown problems.
What the local media fails to address is just what is the problem! The reason the long-suffering downtown businesses, tenants and landlords are publicly raising a fuss is specifically because City Hall continually refuses to do anything about downtown problems.
The Winners Circle, the Enough is Enough Group,  The St. Catharines Chamber of Commerce, a blue ribbon panel of highly regarded Entrepreneurs, Academics, and Professionals and many other groups and individuals have all been kissed off as a nuisance.
We are being told that statistically nothing has changed downtown. Does that mean that downtown St. Catharines has always had every flat surface scribbled over with graffiti and 1,2,3,4, and even 5 and 6 windows smashed on a single weekend?
"We don't think so!"
We are being told that downtown is a safe place. Does that mean that Downtown St. Catharines has always suffered danger from Crack Houses, drug pushers and drug abusers, pimps, prostitutes, thieves and B&E artists, bums & nare-do-wells, and now the distinct possibility of arsonists?
"We don't think so!"

The media could ask Mayor Rigby what he and his regime have even tried to do?

If doing nothing becomes obvious, blame the victim!
Mayor Rigby says; “I think some of our own people create their problems, too! They (the victims of crime) go crying to you guys (the media) and you have to write another (negative) story”.
Apparently Mayor Rigby is more worried about negative stories in the media than he is about the downtown area of his city!
Mayor Rigby thinks there is nothing his regime can do other than suggesting to close the downtown, 'DOWN' - to say ‘sorry, you’re all closed, you’re not going to have stores, bars, and restaurants downtown’!
What would Mayor Rigby's opinion be if he were personally suffering half of the financial pain that is being suffered by those he thinks should not be heard?
What would Mayor Rigby's opinion be if he were a member of a small group that suffers an unwarranted annual financial rape of $5million by the Ontario Government?
How would Mayor Rigby like it to have his property smashed and defaced?
How would Mayor Rigby respond to a regime like his that refuses to help?
Instead of Mayor Rigby railing against the suffering victims, he could rail against the causes of the many problems. 
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