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Graffiti Implements By-law now in effect
On May 1, 2006, the City of London Graffiti Implements By-law came into effect. The by-law restricts the sale of graffiti implements to Minors, unless the Minor is accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

The by-law states that every person who owns or operates a business selling Graffiti Implements shall place a sign in the direct view of persons responsible for accepting customer payment. The City has prepared the sign and it is available online for downloading and printing.

By-law violators who sell Graffiti Implements - which include spray paint, broad tipped marker pens, paint pens, glass cutting tools or glass etching tools or instruments - to anyone under the age of 18 years may face fines of up to $5,000.

Anyone apprehended and charged with the placing of Graffiti on Property may also be fined under the Provincial Offences Act.
Winners Circle Rewards Campaign
June 1, 2006
For Immediate Release:

On January 26, 2006 the Winners Circle announced the posting of cash rewards leading to the arrest, conviction, and full restitution of person or persons found deliberately dumping garbage, vandalism and graffiti.

The Winners Circle challenged the City of St. Catharines, the Chamber of Commerce and the St. Catharines Downtown Association to each match our $2500.

Due to an apparent lack of interest or even a response from the Mayor’s demanded written request coupled with the suggestion that our ‘Reward Program’ is illegal, the winners Circle is hereby officially rescinding the ‘Reward Program’.

We would like to thank the many concerned citizens who so generously supported the ‘Reward Program’ and our sincere apologies for our failure to our fellow citizens.
Tree Huggers Win Big in Money Hungry Niagara

In a preposterous pretense of protecting the trees of Niagara, citizen-abusing fines are to be imposed on one of our last successful PRIVATE industries. {Second only to Crime and Gambling}
Somebody should inform our concerned tax-grabbers that trees are replaceable! Trees are not endangered! In fact, one only has to stop mowing their lawn to witness first the growth of weeds followed by the proliferation of trees. Niagara can be covered in adult tress in a single human generation! The trees pictured below are growing on barren land left by region in 1988.
Our illustrious leaders support any initiative that garners more of the citizen’s hard earned money but allows illegal dumping, vandalism and graffiti to grow and proliferate.
Financial abuse of citizens, though steep fines, while ignoring commerce-killing and disgusting crimes against our community is morally, if not legally, reprehensible.   
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DVD 350

During the summer of 2004 the Winners circle was made painfully aware that something had to be done about the devastating state of affairs regarding our downtown. This awareness was thrust upon us by the astonishing braggadocio emanating from our elected public officials stating that 39 empty storefronts along our main street is something to brag about when it comes to our downtown’s vacancy rate.

Concerned shop owners were more than willing to display dozens of large posters depicting the empty stores, which also boldly displayed the proud quotes of these same officials. The results where dramatic! Within 5 days the city had 2 of the Winners Circle volunteers in committee room 1, before an eclectic group of individuals who, but for one councilor, had no standing to demand anything from the Winners Circle. Without going into the display of angry tantrums, childish threats of illegality and arrogant demands that the displayed posters be removed, it cannot be overstated that what concerned them most was the fact that the posters clearly illustrated that all of our officialdom was sadly failing our downtown and the citizens that hired and elected them.

Since that first shot across this regime’s bow, the Winners Circle has done everything it can to make our municipal government aware of situations that are less than helpful to our struggling downtown. We have put up an informative web site, www.wc-info.com depicting an inordinate amount of Vandalism, Graffiti and Garbage but alas to no avail. Our attempts to have outrageous situations corrected goes on for weeks and even months, with no results until each situation is finally illustrated in the press.

The Winners Circle has volunteered a great deal of time, effort and cost to bring vital verified evidence to the attention of officialdom. Example: The Winners Circle created and hand delivered DVD’s depicting 350 images of illegal dumping of garbage and auto-tires. During the fall of 2005 we delivered these DVD’s to former Minister of the Environment, Liberal MPP, Jim Bradley {No response}, City of St. Catharines {No response}, The Ministry of the Environment, and The Region of Niagara. Too date we have had only 2 responses! The telephone response from the Ministry of the Environment stated that ‘some of the garbage and tires appeared to have been there for some considerable time’. Our best response was from a volunteer, who responded from the Niagara Region, voicing concern for the situational mess and were to find it.

There is growing concern over the fact that there has not been a modicum of acknowledgement for our voluntary efforts to give our officialdom a heads up as to what is going on in the community. What we have received, predicated on our requests for positive action, has been a concerted effort to demean and marginalize the volunteers of the Winners Circle.

More importantly, it has become abundantly clear that our ‘egregious act’ of bringing anything to this regime’s attention is looked upon as ‘negative’ and of serving ‘unwanted notice’ that our officialdom might have difficulty ignoring or that the current regime should actually have to do something about situations that greatly impact our city and deeply concern the citizens that they were hired and elected to serve. 

Mayor tries to muzzle media...
The local media thinks that City Hall and the suffering downtown businesses should stop butting heads and instead start working together to solve the downtown problems. What the local media fails to address is just what is the problem! The reason the long-suffering downtown businesses, tenants and landlords are publicly raising a fuss is specifically because City Hall refuses to do anything about downtown problems.
The media could ask Mayor Rigby what he and his regime have tried to do?
Mayor Rigby says; “I think some of our own people create their problems, too! They (the victims of crime) go crying to you guys (the media) and you have to write another (negative) story”. Apparently Mayor Rigby is more worried about negative stories in the media than he is about the downtown area of his city! Mayor Rigby says ‘there is nothing his regime can do other than suggesting to close the downtown, down, to say sorry, you’re all closed, you’re not going to have stores, bars, and restaurants downtown’!

...and doing nothing hasn't helped! C'mon St. Catharines!
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