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                  The Garden City of St. Catharines
Above photos indicates cars several feet from curb forcing busses to dangerously encroach past center line!
This situation was ignored for a full week following the January 21-22 snowstorm!

City Staff clears the side walks surrounding City Hall but ignore their own derelict building at 136 St. Paul Street!
Are snow banks good for downtown business?
Is Parking Free when parking meters are plugged with snow?
Hear the latest?
City Hall is planning to slow down response time for snow clearing to save money!

Wouldn't it be nice if our city councilors knew St. Paul Street the way they know their own ward?
You know! Like the back of their hand?
Wouldn't it be nice if they they would do something with their hard-earned knowledge?
Does snow removal cost more two days after a snow storm than a week after?
The Lord Mayor says that he has received compliments for his snow clearing efforts! Was he just reacting to critisism?