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So the story goes...

Instead of the incredible spin that business and industry prefer to be located on highway 401...

Could it be that business and industry got a whiff of something else?

What if business and industry got a whiff of any one of the following?

Canada’s most over-governed Region { Pop. 420K with 147 councilors }

Dozens of redundant overlapping bureaucracies

Rated fourth worst cities in Canada

Garden City renamed 'Garbage City' by National Media

Canada’s fastest and most expensive bureaucracy builders

Highest unemployment rate { 40% above national average }

Hundreds of rapidly expanding social welfare agencies

An embarrassing poverty rate  { See Below }

Crumbling infrastructure

Home of the high taxes

Alarming retail vacancy rate   Click here for vacancy Poster...

Highly successful tax & spenders

Longest hospital weight times

Inadequate high priced policing  Click here for example...

High rate of Graffiti and Vandalism   Click here for 1000's of images...

Horendous Crime Rate  { See Below }

Abnormally long permit delays

Hostile business climateClick here for example...

Commerce killing attitude

Ignored by Provincial & federal government

Dictatorial leadership

Out of control commissions and committees

Excessive in-camera decisions and secretive regimes

Poverty in Niagara:

Niagara residents living in poverty 14%

Families living in poverty 12.7%

Children living in poverty 15.6%

Families living on less than $20,000 15%

Population paying more than 30% on rent 45.6%

Niagara 3.41