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  "Sometimes, to motivate an ass one must first get its attention!"
Dear Mr. Meyers,
Congratulations on being one more voice of 'incredibly stupid' reason by proclaiming that doing nothing is positive!

One more 'incredibly stupid' voice proclaiming that doing something is negative.

Comparing the very real folks that are still struggling to survive, with their backs to the wall, (a downtown wall of bureaucratic ineptitude), with what you claim is a classic movie, Animal House, makes your failed attempt to get elected to council equivalent to your bailing out of downtown to operate your enterprise on York Street.

Mr. Meyers, your reference to "incredibly stupid" is somewhat correct. It's just sad that your point of view is so 'incredibly' skewed.

As an editor, you should understand that the very fact that you use up a full page of your magazine is precisely because the WC has rubbed some 'incredibly stupid' people-of-power the wrong way by pointing out their 'incredibly stupid' arrogance and failure.

Consider The Downtown Association's claim, that they have been lobbying the city administration for 31 years about the same issues of concern to WC. Then instead of taking such a 'negative' position against the WC, why did they not take our very first poster to the council and mayor to illustrate their point?

Why did our "incredibly concerned mayor" not raise the poster before council and staff to illustrate that they have more work to do, instead of bragging about the overspending on the old courthouse, which the city administration covets?

The Mayor, his DTA, and you could have reacted in many positive ways instead of simply trying to "kill the messenger".

Winners Circle
Lets hope that our insurance Company Doesn't learn of our bar district being so far from the Brock dorm