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Observing the reporting, commentary and stories produced by the St. Catharines Standard compels some to ask if it is time to raise questions regarding the State of our City?

Is it time to create a list not of the things we like or don’t like but of all things that are 'not going so well' in our City {'A' List} and another list {'B' List} of all of the things that ARE going right in our City?

We would appreciate all the help we can get with the {'B' List}!

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State of the City Questions of 'A' List

Are there calls for an investigation into our health care system?
Was our ‘Garden City’ designation changed to ‘Garbage City’ by national media?
Are downtown streets and other city areas deemed to be dangerous and under policed?
Are civic leaders considered by many to have become a serious commerce killer?
Is there evidence that our civic leaders have become an adversary to our city’s taxpayers?
Are our civic leaders micro-managing all aspects of city life?
Do some bullying councilors think that the loss of an $80M investment is of so little consequence to our community?
Does our mayor fly in the face of a Standard poll indicating that 75 per cent of our citizens favour the Port Dalhousie project?
Does the Port Dalhousie project offer 400 skilled tradesmen with two years employment?
Do our civic leaders seem to be ignoring the best interests of our taxpayers?
Have our outrageous property taxes hit an all time high?
Are we suffering millions of dollars in vandalism with only excuses from civic leaders?
Did our city come in 27th out of 27 cities when it comes to greening?
Are our downtown decorative tree lights allowed to burn 24/7 until they burn out?
Has our city degraded from a destination for jobs, to a stagnant city with our young people forced to leave to find jobs?
Is much of our manufacturing, industry and commerce bailing out or closing?
Do more than 90% of our plazas have vacant stores?
Does our St. Paul Street suffer a 20% retail vacancy rate?
Are city owned properties and facilities left vacant or in a hazardous condition?
Is our city a leader in the growing area of ‘failure-masking’ social welfare?
Is our unemployment rate 40% above the national average?
Do we really have 30,000 of our fellow citizens living below the poverty line?
Did the survey taken by MoneySense rank St. Catharines-Niagara DEAD LAST out of 35 Canadian Cities
St. Catharines ranked 4th-worst city in Canada? Say it isn’t so!
Perhaps our civic leaders are advancing our Great City during their secret sessions?

'B' List

January 1, 2008: Still no entries...