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"Minor Advances & Successes       At Minor Cost"
Before Public Exposure...
After Public Exposure...
The light of information compelled the City administration to Clean up their slum of months and years
NOW to get this fine building rented to mitigate the tax loss to the taxpayer, even if it is only TEMPORARY!
The light of information seems to be working very well!   Fast too!   Within a week!
Before the light of information!
April 27th
4 days after the light of information!
May 1st

We Live in Hope

It is a problem to photographically illustrate success in changing the attitude or perception of an intransigent government or bureaucracy.
The mayor, council, and senior staff hastily called for an expensive historic 'planning Summit', which was held on April 1 & 2, 2005 at the Quality Inn Hotel on Ontario Street, St. Catharines!
The historic 'Planning Summit Report' was officially ratified at council on May 2, 2005.
Sadly the 'Planning Summit' produced NO 'Plans'!
The 'Planning Summit Report', created by the City's brain trust, could only produce a common wish list.
It is possible that the direct challenges and pressure applied by the Winners Circle had nothing to do with this hastily called historic 'Planning Session'!
It is also possible that the 'Enough is Enough' rally had nothing to do with this sudden concern with the four (4) stated goals of our City Administration's 'Planning Summit Report'.
To claim that this historic event was their original, independent and non-coerced idea, one would then have to ask, where have they been for so many years?
Before Visual CriticismAfter Visual Criticism