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  Taxation by any other name!
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Does our city regime sends out water bills that are second-kin to a Ponzi scheme. What kind of mind could conceive of a scheme to take a  senior citizen's $10 water bill and turn it into a charge of $100, and then call it fair and equitable?

First there is the $10 water charge to which the regime adds $10 for sewage.

But then the regime adds a flat rate of $40 for upgrading sewage mains.

But wait! There’s more!

The regime then adds an additional $40 just in case you can find a way to turn $10 worth of water into $50 worth of phantom waste water, with which you might decide to use for over-burdening the upgraded sewers!

It is somewhat understandable that a city administration might want to start a fund for future sewage lines but only if that money is raised in an equitable manor and deposited in a separate account for that particular use and not folded in to the general revenue, which is evidence that this is just added taxation by another name!

Is this scheme just a cynical attempt to trick the citizen into believing that this is a fair and equitable way to reduce taxation. This scheme is neither fair or equitable! This so called 'fair and equitable' tax for both the $40 for sewer upgrades plus the non-existant phantom waste treats rich and poor alike! The true purpose of this scheme is to camouflage the regime’s deceptive character.

Does our regime not clearly understand that it is impossible for a $10 water user to create $50 worth of waste water regardless of anything to do with upgrading sewer lines?

Could this be a deliberate attempt to scam an inequitable and unwarranted $40/$80

What a way to abuse seniors and other users who conserve water!

How can a $10 water user suddenly be charged $40 for non-existent waste water?

The analogy given by one city official is that “Even if you’ve never had the fire department come to your house, we all pay for the fire department.”

Yes, but we all pay equitably, NOT some at a greater perdentage than others!

Perhaps in this city official’s analogy, taxpayers would be forced to 'user-pay' an extra 500% for not using extra non-existent fire departments!

Have the flannel-masters of the St. Catharines City Regime raised our city budget by 7.1%, while claiming that they only increased taxes 3% {average $30.}?

Have they once again pulled the wool over our eyes by shifting the embarrassing additional tax increases of '9-18% or $120-$220 inequitably skimmed from people’s water bills?

How did the mastermind of this scheme get it past the mayor and council?!

Has the taxpayer been over-billed $40. for nonexistent waste water?
Should the taxpayer be refunded the $40?

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