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Taxation by any other name?
Deception Part 2

The Deceivers

A famous thinker once said “One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.”

Does Prince Machiavelli’s observation conflict with our city regime’s use of water rates to mask the regime’s overspending and financial failure?

Could it be that our city regime would really exploit one of life’s prerequisites through the diversion of embarrassing property tax increases to our water bills?

Water bills should contain the cost of water and only the cost of water!

Water bills should not include the cost of overspending and financial failure!

Before the abused citizen uses or pays for any amount of water they must pay a totally inequitable $180 per year.

The so called ‘new and improved’ version of our regime’s punishing water bills clearly demonstrates the regime’s contempt for its citizens, especially the poor and impoverished children.

Property tax holds the opportunity or at least the potential to equitably spread the tax burden predicated on property values.

Property taxes perniciously diverted to water rates are applied insidiously equal regardless of ability to pay—rich or poor—mansion or cabin.

The property tax diversion of the inequitable $180.00, as now applied to water bills would amount to a regime embarrassing increase in property tax.

Would the deceived accept such an inequitable scheme if applied to property tax?

Note: No one at city hall seems to mind!