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"City Owned"
136 St. Paul Street
Get Smashed
Ontario Street Parking Garage
St. Paul
City Property
At great expense and failure, the municipal government of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, wallows in platitudes and excuses, wage increases for staff, and record tax increases, diminished amenities and services for the taxpayer, and while they fend off any and all suggestions that could lead to improvement. Progress in the downtown and increasingly throughout the city, is measured by the increase in Loiterers, Indigents, Drunks, Drug Addicts, Vandals, Vandalism, Trash, Garbage, Graffiti, Panhandlers, Pimps, Prostitutes, Empty & Boarded-up Store Fronts, and even City-Owned Slum Buildings.
Vandalism caused Owner
to leave Downtown
Park Downtown
The Standard
The Standard
Claim on City Web Main Page...

Seeking to create and maintain a litter free community, the Clean City Committee is composed of nine citizens, two City Councillors and a staff advisor, mandated by City Council for a three year term to educate, inform, encourage and organize events that will reduce and eliminate litter in all areas of St. Catharines. Clean City Committee "Litter Hot Line" Missing: Litter Hot Line Number, which if you search hard enough, is 905-688-5601
Repeated phone calls over several weeks and a visit to City Hall garnered lethargy, argument, and a terse statement that City Hall does not act on "Phone Calls", only on written complaints!
Its one thing when City Departments refuse to act on phone complaints about litter and garbage and even refuses to do a drive bye to determine the nature of the complaint, Its another thing when citizens have to beg to get action
Perhaps a little beyond the Clean City Committee, The Litter Hot Line, and all of the hard working volunteers!
City Property
   136 St. Paul
Who Stole the Trees?
Monday is replacement Day
Crystal Curbs
Cool Apartments
Next to police Station
1/4 inch Plexiglas!
For some reason the City cleaned up this slum!"
Would somebody Please phone the Mayor so he can see for himself!!
Lots of work for volunteers but not a mention for prevention! Nothing on the City web site Nothing on the city page that nobody reads! Nothing promoting personal responsibility!
April 23, 2005
April 23, 2005
April 23, 2005
No Doors!!!
Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars per Year in uncontrolled vandalism! 
Its the same old truism, adage, or maxim when it comes to
‘cost doesn’t matter’ as long as someone else is paying!
April 23, 2005
Crystal Curbs After April 23/05 Clean-up...
Listening to bean counters?
Not much to Bragg About!.
Mr. David Beose made an interesting suggestion!

His suggestion is that the city should offer a reward of up to $500.00 for information leading to conviction, with matching fines plus restitution to the perpetrators or their Families!

There are many things that the City administration can do to curb litter, graffiti, public intoxication, pimps, prostitution, drug dealing, and vandalism if they had the will!

A City's appearance is the measure of a City's administration. A City's appearance indicates the difference between an administration intent on serving their community or an administration intent on looking after itself.
Before April 23/05 Clean-up
Crystal Curbs
The Standard
St. Catharines boasts a projected growth rate of 1% over the next 20 years! Hard to figure, ain't it? Especially considering the $millions upon $millions being spent to attract new business for expansion, employment and the need for new workers and residents. What do we get for our burdensome expense? Braggadocio, excuses, and even outright lies! What little gains we occasionally make is offset by losses induced by over taxation, bureaucratic abuse, misuse, and an unbelievable ignorance of free enterprise!
Crystal Curbs
Crystal Curbs
Shining the light of information on a problem is the reason the Mayor characterized the Winners Circle as NEGATIVE!
Another business goes down in flames while the City fiddles and fritters away $millions!
A Tragic Land Lacking Leadership
"Another Business Gone!"
Scribbling hoodlums scar entire buildings all over our city, yet city council is strangrly silent and Mayor Rigby says that there is nothing he can do!