Welcome to...'Vandaland 2'

After Spring Clean-up
Reach in Variety
Missing Gate!
How much damage has to be done to get it mentioned at Council?
NRP says downtown is a safe place and that nothing has changed statistically!

Perhaps our City Administration and our NRP would enlighten us as to the danger of Crack users.

In fact, perhaps they could use the short list and explain which, if any, drug produces a more dangerous situation than Crack!

According to D.A.R.E, (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) smoking crack cocaine can produce a particularly aggressive paranoid behavior in users.

When they have finished their explanation, it would be interesting to once again listen to their hypothesis regarding public safety downtown!
Our Smarter Niagara experts tell us our youth are leaving at a rate of exactly 1832 per year...
...and there is no shame, only smarter Niagara!
Is that what happens in a void of leadership!
Are the workers left to make the decisions!
The municipal government of St. Catharines is diligently earning a reputation of being confrontational with its citizens...
Throw your junk in someone else's parked truck
Please, try to be careful what you ask for!
Reported to City Hall Aug 16, 2005
Shortest Street ~ Longest Name ~ Least used
New Curbs, Sidewalks & Pavement
The Mayor & some councilors have finally discovered that graffiti is unsightly & disturbing, especially the obscenities as above.
And just what is the Mayor & his friends on council going to do about it? They are going to do what they always do.
Our stalwart leaders are going to form another voluntary citizens committee, who will attempt to do the thinking we expect from those we have elected and hired!
Have our leaders  even mentioned the 100'S of thousands of dollars wasted on VANDALISM?
A Tragic Land Lacking Leadership
Throw your junk in someone else's parked truck
Scribbling hoodlums scar entire buildings all over our city, yet city council is strangrly silent and Mayor Rigby says that there is nothing he can do!