Welcome to...'Vandaland 3'

St. Catharines' Version of a Public Art Gallery
After 8 years in office the Mayor & some councilors have finally discovered that graffiti is unsightly & disturbing, especially the obscenities as above.
And just what is the Mayor & his friends on council going to do about it? They are going to do what they always do.
Our stalwart leaders are going to form another voluntary citizens committee, who will attempt to do the thinking we expect from those we have elected and hired!
Have our leaders  even mentioned the 100'S of thousands of dollars wasted on VANDALISM?
A Tragic Land Lacking Leadership
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Images Displayed on Vandaland #1 - #2 - #3 where Produced Between Nov. 2004 to Dec. 2005
Winners Circle
Scribbling hoodlums scar entire buildings all over our city, yet city council is strangrly silent and Mayor Rigby says that there is nothing he can do!