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A Tragic Land Lacking Leadership
Images Displayed on Vandaland 4 where produced after January 1, 2006
Pictures between this and the next line are from a Sunday January 15, 2006 walk
Regarding our City’s supposed war on vandalism, it is a priceless specter to witness, first hand, our city council eagerly endorsing another of their protective predilections toward evasive prevarication.
Why would our grand leaders so fervently latch on to such an insipid and ineffectual scheme of some self-declared and self-described educator? Why did this educator need so little effort in convincing council that the solution to the growing and serious problem of vandalism is to re-educate the vandals via their (the educators) brand of building better character among a gang of characterless perpetrators?
How did the council decide to tackle the problem of injecting the characterless with character? They decided to form another time consuming, if not feckless, committee!
It might take all of us to assist this new committee in the round-up and forced re-education of these characterless vandalizing characters in the faint hope that sometime in the distant future we just might live in a society of better character and less vandalism.
After all these years of fending off the citizen’s legitimate pleas and complaints regarding the council’s neglect of our downtown, could it be that the words ‘distant future’ hold the key to council’s decision? Perhaps they are taking the ‘long view’, which generally translates into ‘don’t do today what you can put off until tomorrow’. Heaven help us!

A bad afternoon's work

Somehow we must remove the ugly title
Garbage City
Scribbling hoodlums scar entire buildings all over our city, yet city council is strangrly silent and Mayor Rigby says that there is nothing he can do!