Welcome to...'Vandaland 9'
A Tragic Land Lacking Leadership
Images Displayed on Vandaland 9 where also produced during June, 2006
Who would suspect that anyone, much less a concerned and dedicated Mayor and council
would stand by in abject silence while private and city properties are suffering millions of
dollars in unnecessary and unwarrented damage and defacement to hoodlums and vandals?
The Winners Circle posted a $1000.00 Reward leading to the apprehension, conviction and
full restitution for illegal dumping of Garbage, Graffiti, and vandalism. Unfortunately, due to
a total lack of interest, on the part of our politicians and city administration, our $1000.00 rewards program has been rescinded. Surely any attempt is better than doing nothing!
Threatening to fine the victim results in a block long wall being repainted only to be retagged by callous graffitti vandals including vile language facing a children's playground