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The Me Generation of Politics
It has now become painfully apparent that Niagara’s limited development is predicated on Niagara’s bizarre and extraordinary over governance! The only thing growing faster than Niagara’s government is the cost of it!
Are the citizens of Niagara, and equally important, St. Catharines, in the foul grip of self interested political hacks, their willing accomplices, and mooching kling-ons? Evidently, the self-serving throng in control of our lives are willing to do anything to hold onto power, even if it breaks the back of our economy, crushes the taxpayer, and impedes our society’s progress.
Most of our armies of councilors think that anyone who would vote them into office must have the Wisdom of Solomon.
However, once elected these same councilors have little tolerance for the thoughts, opinions, or even the intellect of the same few voters that put them there.
The fact that they continue to waste tens of $millions annually on bureaucracy building and uncontrolled waste, to the point that they have exhausted our treasury as well as the property taxpayer, seems to have evaded their supposedly superior psyche.
From some councilors and some staff, response and reaction to inquiries, complaints, and suggestions often run the gamut from silent indifference, humiliating abuse, pathetic excuses and spin, to diversion, mistreatment, or any tactic to prevaricate.
The most disturbing evidence of self-protective rhetoric can be found in several inaccurate statements emanating from St. Catharines’ City Mayor, Tim Rigby, claiming that the city administration receives criticism without input and/or the assistance and/or a willingness of citizens to work toward solutions.
Is Mayor Tim Rigby dismissing the wasted three years, when the Winners Circle’s members of ‘Business owners and others’ tried to ‘work with the city to tackle problems affecting the downtown’?
Is Mayor Tim Rigby dismissing the many wasted conferences held with the Mayor and staff, by what can only be described as a group of nine highly regarded and very successful citizens, over a period of weeks and months only to be kissed off as a nuisance?
Is Mayor Tim Rigby dismissing the St. Catharines Chamber of Commerce in the Chamber’s recent efforts to offer very viable suggestions and the chamber’s willingness to continue to ‘work with the city to tackle problems’? The chamber was treated with disrespect and ridicule!
The Mayor fails to show any appreciation to the hundreds of well meaning citizens, who have put in thousands of hours, on scores of committees, to turn out so many studies, only to have them shelved predicated on the fact that these studies are not compatible with this regime’s self-serving performance. 
Does Mayor Tim Rigby’s spin fly in the face of fact?
Who were the ‘arrogate eight’ that voted against their own task force’s request for public input on governance issues stating that the public ‘didn’t care how they run the city’?
Mayor Tim Rigby’s spin, that there are many ‘other North American cities whose economies are being sucked into the suburbs’, ignores the fact that every bona fide city administration, that has turned its attention to the rejuvenation of their downtown, has succeeded.
Mayor Rigby says that he sees our downtown ‘as an unfinished work of art’! The Winners Circle sees our downtown as a work of art left to the vagaries of the elements!
The plight of our downtown has suffered far more than being ignored by Rigby’s regime! The Rigby regime has actually dredged up every societal ill and dumped these social problems downtown!
Rigby’s staff takes every opportunity to produce impediments in front of anyone who would dare to advance or improve the lot of our beleaguered downtown.
If Rigby’s staff worked half as hard to help make things happen as they do to hamper and retard success, predicated on the need for money to pay for bureaucratic failure, St. Catharines could once again be a sparkling city.
It has also become painfully apparent that the citizens of Niagara as a hole, and St. Catharines in particular, are in desperate need of protection from their own government that has taken on an attitude of me first pomposity in the face of failure and non-governance decline.


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