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Has the growing number of increasingly aware St. Catharines’ citizens motivated Mayor Rigby into calling for a special two-day meeting of all council and senior staff?
This extra effort is supposedly to develop a strategic plan outlining the direction St. Catharines will take going forward. If this new strategic plan is no better than the ten year old job, which is occasionally dusted off for the sole purpose of discrediting critic’s claims that the city doesn’t really have one, then they may as well not bother.
Given that the average income in St. Catharines is flat, and given that the cost of living increase is less than 2.5%, caused primarily by bureaucracy building with its inherit atrophic cost ratio, and given that this regime has tactlessly gobbled up all of the 5% tax increase for their own wages, and even though we are enthusiastic for their success, where is the historical evidence to conclude that these characters will come up with a strategic plan of value specific to this city and its citizens?
St. Catharines is suffering diminishing returns predicated on a dysfunctional council that lacks leadership and that finds protection by surrounding themselves with safe individuals, committees, and over-priced departments. As some councilors have stated, our council is not interested in the thoughts and opinions coming from any source, including the public, unless that source is under their control.
           The character and integrity of a city administration is virtually always self-evident.

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again or in this case the entire brain trust of the St. Catharines Municipal Administration has failed to lay out one single plan to rectify the mess that they have allowed to happen.
Under pressure from civic minded individual citizens and groups like the ‘Winners Circle’ and the efforts of the ‘Enough is Enough’ folk, our Mayor, Council, and all the head honchos of City Hall hastily called a historic two-day ‘Planning Summit Meeting’ to come up with ‘plans’ to solve the very same problems that have grown so very obvious to anyone other than City Hall’s hierarchy.
And just what did the taxpayer get for their hard earned dollars? Did the taxpayer receive the much sought after plan from this expensive two-day junket of City Hall’s finest?

No they did not!

What they did receive was an eloquently worded wish list of four common points that any of Councillor Donovan’s students could have come up with. No wonder Councillor Donovan expressed concern regarding what action might be forthcoming going forward!
Cut the self-aggrandizing that this ‘Planning Summit Report’ is anything more than excuses, prevarication, and another attempt to hoodwink the public! St. Catharines has long since passed the planning stage! Everyone knows what has to be done! St. Catharines is in need of an administration and a council that is willing to step up to the plate and do what they were hired and elected to do!


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