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A December 2007 report says that St. Catharines is ranked as the 4th-worst city in Canada? Say it isn’t so!

Regional authorities claim our low ranking came as no surprise.
Of course it should have come as no a surprise! After all there have been enough individuals and groups trying desperately to enlighten our civic officials to the fact that it is not our community that is failing. Failure can only point to those who hold the ability to fail! Only those we have elected and hired hold the ability to fail!

These same regional authorities say it’s critical that Niagara brand itself as a ‘positive and dynamic business area.’ Changing the name of a sow’s ear still leaves you with a sow’s ear!

They designate Brock University and Niagara College as two ‘essential assets’. They certainly are great essential assets but they are educators, not entrepreneurs. The preponderance of these ‘essential assets’ is an enterprising aptitude primarily predicated on concern for the ‘essential asset’.

Do the other worst cities in Canada have fabulous assets like Brock University and Niagara College and with these fabulous assets, why do we garner the worst possible failing grade when it comes to education? Could it be that our educated have had to leave?

City authorities claim they are working on several programs to improve on indicators like this study. Wouldn’t now be a good time to spell out these programs?

Useless monikers such as ‘SMART GROWTH’ and ‘SMARTER GROWTH’ boil down to bafflegab selfishly designed to convey intelligent action.

Our Mayor says he wants TAXPAYERS from OTHER AREAS to bail us out with MILLIONS of dollars as ‘INVESTMENTS’, while he tries to kill an $80m {$80,000,000.00} local investment that is already on the table right here in our own community! Why should other TAXPAYERS from OTHER AREAS come the rescue of a community that refuses to help itself?

If our overabundance of self-serving plutocrats are so capable then why are we in such a mess? The Winners Circle challenges our civic leaders to enter our Guest Book and list any and all things going right in our community as counterpoint to the State of the City 'A' List. We will place the entries on 'B' List

Since it is claimed that 50% of Canada’s worst cities are concentrated in Ontario, should we not research the major decisions of the Ontario Municipal Board?

We will post our regimes progress & successes {or not} by date